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Ativa V151S 24 Sheet Strip Cut Shredder

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Ativa V151S 24 Sheet Strip Cut Shredder
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Ativa V151S 24 Sheet Strip Cut Shredder VS
All other Shredders
Manufacturer V151S   vs 0.7% Shredders have V151S
Model # V151S  
cut style Strip-cut  vs 27.3% Shredders have strip-cut
Strip-cut paper shredders slice paper/documents into narrow, long strips. This is the least secure way of shredding documents usually.
shred size 0.25 inch  vs 13.3% Shredders have 0.25
Shred size refers to the size of the piece after the paper or document has been shredded.  Smaller shred sizes provide more security by making it harder to reconstruct the document.
number of sheets per pass

5.59 lower than average. Sheets per pass is the number of sheets of paper that the shredder is able to shred at the same time.
can shred Cds/dvds; Credit Cards; Paper; Paper Clips; Staples 
wastebasket capacity
9.5 Gallons
19.69 Gallons

10.19 Gallons lower than average.
maximum shred speed
16 fpm
15.39 fpm

0.61 fpm higher than average. Shredding speed is the speed at which the machine shreds. It measures how fast the paper goes through the shredder in feet per minute.
throat width
9.44 inches
10.70 inches

1.26 inches lower than average. Throat width is the size of the opening where the paper or document feeds into.  (standard A4 paper size is 8.5in x 11in).
full-wastebasket indicator Yes  vs 85.4% Shredders have full-wastebasket indicator
automatic start/stop Yes  vs 94.9% Shredders have automatic start/stop
manual reverse Yes  vs 94.4% Shredders have manual reverse
Overload Protection Yes  vs 88% Shredders have Overload Protection
Dimensions 23"h X 14.75"w X 11"d 
warranty length 3-year Limited (parts & Labor); Limited Lifetime (cutting Rollers)  vs 17.6% Shredders have 3-year limited (parts & labor); limited lifetime (cutting rollers)

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